Sunday, March 8, 1970

Author - Herbert, Frank

Birth: October 8, 1920.

Death: February 11, 1986.

Comments: Frank Herbert was a science fiction author who is best known for writing the novel Dune and its five sequels. Although he wrote a considerable number of short stories and several other novels, Herbert is inextricably linked with his signature work of desert survival, fanaticism, and precognition.

Herbert attended, but did not graduate from the University of Washington due to his lack of interest in many of the subjects required for matriculation, and instead left to work for several newspapers in Washington and California. Along the way he produced several short works of science fiction, and in 1955 the science fiction novel The Dragon in the Sea. He began work on his signature work when he was inspired as a result of research he was doing for an article on sand dunes, eventually publishing it piecemeal in Analog as Dune World and Prophet of Dune. The novel was famously rejected by over twenty publishers before being accepted by Chilton Book Company, which was mostly known for publishing auto-repair manuals. The novel won the Nebula Award, and shared the Hugo Award with Roger Zelazny's . . . And Call Me Conrad. Herbert was more than a one-hit wonder, but he was never able to duplicate, or even come close to, the success of Dune.

There is no site dedicated directly to Frank Herbert, but there is a site dedicated to the novels of the Dune universe titled Dune Books, and another dedicated to the entire range of Dune lore titled The Dune Index.

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