Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Sagan, Carl

Birth: November 9, 1934

Death: December 20, 1996

Comments: Carl Sagan was an astrophysicist and author and a dedicated advocate of science education. He was raised in new York by mostly secular Jewish parents, and spent his youth taking advantage of the New York Public libraries, planetariums, and museums, stuffing his mind with as much knowledge about the world as he could. After graduating from high school, Sagan attended the University of Chicago, earning a B.A., a B.S., an M.S., and a Ph.D. He briefly taught at Harvard before settling into a position as a professor at Cornell University, a post which he held until his untimely death. Sagan was also a long time adviser for NASA, contributing to the Apollo program and numerous robotic missions including Mariner, Viking, Pioneer, and Voyager.

His Cosmos series aired when I was eleven, a year in which I happened to be living in the United States, and the introduction that thirteen part series gave to the true majesty of the scientific view of the universe has stayed with me my entire life. Not only did he kindle in me a love for science, but his reference to Edgar Rice Burrough's A Princess of Mars in "Blues for a Red Planet" caused me to seek out and read about the Barsoomian adventures of John Carter. In addition to the Cosmos series, Sagan wrote hundreds of papers, and numerous books. Because I knew he was a professor there, I applied to Cornell University (I was not accepted). Because I knew he had studied and and earned his Ph.D. there, I applied to the University of Chicago (once again, I was not accepted). I write this blog, in part, because of Sagan.

Ann Druyan maintains a website devoted to promoting Sagan's works and science education in general called The Carl Sagan Portal.

My reviews of Carl Sagan's books:

Other books by Carl Sagan that I have read but not reviewed:
Broca's Brain
Comet (with Ann Druyan)
The Dragons of Eden

The Backbone of Night
Consider Again That Pale Blue Dot
The Gift of Apollo
A Universe Not Made for Us

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