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Musical artist - Captain and Tennille

In case you were wondering
which one was Captain
Captain and Tennille were a recording duo made up of singer Toni Tennille and keyboardist Daryl Dragon. The pair met in 1972 when Dragon auditioned to be a keyboardist on a musical production that Tennille had written, and later collaborated as backup band members for the Beach Boys. They began releasing music as a duo in 1975, and had a string of top ten hits in the remainder of the decade, including Love Will Keep Us Together, The Way I Want to Touch You, Shop Around, Muskrat Love, and Do That to Me One More Time. As one might note from this list, the duo owed a fair amount of their success to covers of Neil Sedaka tunes.

In addition to singing on the Captain and Tennille albums, Toni worked as a backup singer on recordings for a number of other artists such as Elton John, Art Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, and the Beach Boys. In some cases, Dragon helped arrange the vocals for these songs. Oddly, despite their close connection to Neil Sedaka, they don't appear to have done much (if any) work directly with Sedaka. In addition to their work in the music industry, Captain and Tennille hosted a variety show on ABC for a season, and Tennille briefly hosted a talk show in the early 1980s.

The pair got married in 1975, and divorced in 2014.

On a side note, given that Daryl Dragon's surname is "Dragon", I have come to the conclusion that there was a real missed opportunity in naming this band. Instead of Captain and Tennille, which is kind of cool, they could have been named "Dragon and Tennille", or, after they got married, had Tennille changed her surname, they could have been "Captain and Dragon" or even "Dragon and Dragon". Any of these options would have been cooler than "Captain and Tennille".

Captain and Tennille have a website named Captain and Tennille.

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