Friday, June 5, 1970

Musical Artist - The Electric Light Orchestra

The Electric Light Orchestra, also known as ELO, are an English pop band known for producing music that is a fusion of classical elements, pop music, and science fictional imagery. Originally formed in 1970 by Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, and Bev Bevan, the band had a lineup change in 1972 when Wood left the band and Richard Tandy joined. Over the next several years, members came and went, but Lynn, Bevan, and Tandy remained as the constant core of the group.

Between 1971 and 1986, ELO released eleven studio albums plus one live album and their portion of the soundtrack to the movie Xanadu, resulting in a number of hit singles including Can't Get It Out of My Head, Don't Bring Me Down, Evil Woman, Livin' Thing, Ma-Ma-Ma Bell, Mr. Blue Sky, Strange Magic, Sweet Talkin' Woman, Telephone Line, and Turn to Stone. Overall, seven of their singles reached the top ten on U.S. Billboard chart, while another eight reached the top twenty. As a U.K.-based band, they did even better on the U.K. Charts, with fifteen songs reaching the top ten on the U.K. chart, and Xanadu, a collaboration with Olivia Newton-John, reaching the top spot.

ELO disbanded in 1986, as Lynne became engrossed in other projects. As co-owner of the ELO name, Bevan continued to record and perform under the name ELO Part II until 1999 when he retired and sold his share of the name to Lynne. Lynne tinkered with the band off and on for the next several years, remastering old tracks and releasing previously unreleased material and out-takes. In 2014, Lynne reformed ELO as Jeff Lynne's ELO, and began releasing new material and touring again.

Lynne, Wood, Bevan, and Tandy were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as ELO in 2017. The band also holds the somewhat dubious distinction of producing the most U.S. Billboard top twenty singles without a number one hit.

The band has a website named Jeff Lynne's ELO. They can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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