Wednesday, June 10, 1970

Musical Artist - Joe Dolce Musical Theatre

Joe Dolce Musical Theatre is the stage name of Joe Dolce, an American-Australian artist best known for his 1980 novelty hit Shaddap You Face. Born in Ohio, Dolce launched his musical career while attending Ohio University, writing several songs that were later recorded by country artists such as Jonathan Edwards and Robert Earl Keene.

Dolce moved to Australia in 1978 and continued writing and performing. His big break came when he recorded Shaddap You Face in 1980, a song that would go on to reach number one in fifteen countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom. Shaddup You Face went on to become the most successful recording ever made in Australia, selling more than six million copies. Following the success of Shaddap You Face, Dolce released several more singles including If You Want to Be Happy, Pizza Pizza, Christmas in Australia, and You Toucha My Car I Breaka You Face, but only had modest success with these songs that was localized in Australia and New Zealand.

In the years since Shaddup You Face, Dolce has achieved success as a poet and essayist, with dozens of published poems and essays to his name. Most of his work has been published in the Australian literary magazine Quadrant, but he has also put out a few collections of his work.

Dolce has an official website named Joe Dolce Orpheus Kitchen.

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