Friday, June 12, 1970

Musical Artist - Lipps, Inc.

Lipps, Inc. was an American disco band best known (and for the most part, only known) for the hit song Funkytown. Based in Minneapolis, the band primarily consisted of vocalist Cynthia Johnson and a collection of studio musicians, with the bulk of their music being written and produced by Scott Greenberg. The band scored almost immediate substantial success with Funkytown, the second single off their 1979 debut album Mouth to Mouth. Although the song reached number one on the charts in multiple nations, Lipps, Inc. was never able to follow up on this massive success, and despite releasing three more albums, they never had another single reach the Billboard Top 100 or Cash Box Hot 100, although they had a handful of songs do reasonably well on the U.S. dance charts. This collection of follow-up singles did even worse outside of the United States.

The band broke up in 1983, but they can be found on Facebook. The band also has something of an official website named Funkytown, although the website seems to be dedicated more to the song than to the musical group that produced it.

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