Sunday, June 7, 1970

Musical Artist - Garfunkel & Oates

Garfunkel & Oates is a musical comedy duo consisting of Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome. They intentionally named their duo after the lesser known partners of the bands Hall & Oates and Simon & Garfunkel, which should give a strong indication of where their comic sensibilities lie.

Both of the women are actresses - Micucci had a recurring part on Scrubs for a brief period portraying Stephanie Gooch, a ukulele player who fell in love with lawyer Ted Buckland. As part of this role, Micucci performed the Garfunkel & Oates song "Fuck You" (renamed "Screw You" for television). As a lawyer who has something of a crush on Micucci, I am very much in favor of any story that involves her falling in love with a socially awkward lawyer. Lindhome is also an actress with numerous television and film roles to her credit, including an appearance on Big Bang Theory portraying a slightly insane woman obsessed with Sheldon Cooper.

As Garfunkel & Oates, their songs tend to feature sex and oddness. From One Night Stand, a song about a woman who only wants a one night stand, to The Loophole, which explores how some religious girls keep their virtue by letting their boyfriends reach "fifth base", to My Gay Boyfriend, extolling the virtues of dating a gay man, their overtly sexual songs take an off-kilter look at sex and relationships. On the other side, they deal with issues like how to react to crummy presents in Present Face, how to get legal access to marijuana in Weed Card, and the obnoxiousness of expectant mothers in Pregnant Women Are Smug. In short, the pair are able to find the ridiculous in the mundane, and then combine that with good songwriting to produce hilariously funny songs.

You can follow them on twitter under the handle garfunkeloates, like their Facebook fan page, and visit their official website.

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