Monday, June 8, 1970

Musical Artist - Heart

The band Heart was formed in 1974, and has existed in some form or another until the present. The core of the band is, and always has been, the sisters Anne and Nancy Wilson, although the rest of the lineup of members has changed over the years.

Heart first achieved prominence in 1976 with the singles Crazy on You and Magic Man. After a successful run in the 1970s with hits like Barracuda and Straight On, the brand's first stint of popularity came to a close in the early 1980s during which time the band faded from public consciousness for a time. In 1985, Heart staged a spectacular comeback with the self-titled album Heart which included the hits What About Love, Never, These Dreams, and Nothin' at All. They soon followed this up with the album Bad Animals which produced another collection of hit singles including Who Will You Run To and Alone.

Most of Heart's songs cover a range of fairly standard rock topics, with almost no nerdy or geeky songs, although many of the videos produced for their songs in the 1980s had a variety of ethereal or industrial science fiction seeming themes. One thing that is clear, however, is that the Wilson sisters are big fans of Led Zeppelin, and they have performed a number of Led Zeppelin covers, including several of Zeppelin's Tolkien-inspired Celtic-themed songs.

The band has an official website named Heart.

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