Saturday, June 13, 1970

Musical Artist - FireHouse

Formed in 1989 by Michael Foster, Bill Leverty, C.J. Snare, and Perry Richardson, FireHouse was one of the last of the "hair metal" bands to hit it big, coming to prominence just as Nirvana led the Grunge revolution that eventually swept away the glammed up Aquanet-driven metal scene that had dominated the 1980s. Even though they were playing in the twilight of a musical era, FireHouse had several hits, including Love of a Lifetime, Don't Treat Me Bad, and When I Look into Your Eyes.

The band's arc of success tells the story of the changing American musical landscape of the early 1990s. Their first album FireHouse met with both commercial and critical success, was certified double platinum, and resulted in one top ten single, and another top twenty single. The album led to the band winning the American Music Award for Best New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band of 1991. Their second album Hold Your Fire, released in 1992, was certified gold and produced a top ten single and a couple of other minor hits. Their third album 3, released in 1995, only managed to produce a single top twenty hit, and was marketed so indifferently by the record label that the band asked to be released from their contract.

Faced with waning interest in their style of music in the U.S., FireHouse turned to Asia where they have continued to be as popular as ever. Since 3, the band has released five more studio albums and a sixth live album and has toured Asia several times. Perry Richardson left the band in 2000 and was replaced first by Bruce Waibel, then Dario Seixas, and finally by Allen McKenzie.

FireHouse has a website named FireHouse. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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