Wednesday, June 10, 1970

Musical Artist - The Jam

The Jam was a British punk band that had massive success within the U.K. but were virtually unknown in the U.S. Originally formed in 1972 by Paul Weller, the band went through a couple of lineup changes until Pete Foxton and Rick Buckler joined to set the roster. The band came to prominence in 1977 with the release of their debut album In the City which featured the hit single In the City. Unlike many other British punk bands of the era, the Jam's lyrics seem to include a longing for a return to an idealized Imperial Britain, although on a number of other issues they were just as angry and anarchic as other punk groups. Overall, the band released seven albums, generating 18 top 40 singles in the U.K., four of which went to the number one position.

The Jam broke up in 1982, with the members moving on to other projects. In 2007, Foxton and Buckler began touring together under the name From the Jam. Weller has expressed disinterest in a full reunion of the band.

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