Wednesday, June 3, 1970

Musical Artist - Coulton, Jonathan

Me with Jon Coulton at Dragon*Con in 2011
Coulton is, quite simply, the reigning king of nerd folk music. A former computer programmer who attended Yale, he gave up his day job to make music full time, gaining much of his fame when he undertook to write and record a song every week for a year, which he called the Thing a Week. He does not have a recording contract, and initially released most of his music via the internet, although he now has a number of CDs that fans can acquire. Coulton writes about the dreams of a programmer, the fantasies of a rejected twelve year-old nerd, and the love of evil geniuses in mountain hideouts. In 2007, he wrote the song Still Alive for the credits of the Portal computer game and then in 2011 he wrote Want You Gone for Portal 2. He is good friends with Paul & Storm, and they often tour together and sing backup for each other during their respective performances.

You can find him on the official Jonathan Coulton website or follow him on Twitter.

Musical Monday Selections:

01/21/13: Baby Got Back (with Paul & Storm)
02/06/12: Best Super Bowl Song Ever! (with Paul & Storm, featuring Greg Benson)
11/13/17: Big Bang (with the Doubleclicks)
11/26/12: Chiron Beta Prime (with Paul & Storm)
12/17/12: Christmas Is Interesting (with Paul & Storm)
04/21/14: Code Monkey
05/21/16: Down Today
05/02/16: First of May (with Paul & Storm and Molly Lewis)
01/13/12: The Future Soon
02/13/12: I'm Your Moon
02/20/12: The Presidents
06/04/12: Skullcrusher Mountain
07/14/14: Still Alive (with Felicia Day)
12/30/13: A Talk With George
07/21/14: Want You Gone
03/03/14: Your Brains

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