Friday, June 12, 1970

Musical Artist - Logan, Johnny

Johnny Logan is an Irish-Australian singer best known for winning the Eurovision song contest twice, making him one of the most successful Eurovision participants in history. Logan was born in Australia, but his family moved to Ireland when he was a toddler and he has lived in Ireland ever since.

Logan first came to prominence in musical theatre, notably with a turn performing as Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. In 1979, Logan began turning out singles and aiming at the Eurovision song contest. He efforts paid off in 1980, when he won the contest for Ireland with the song What's Another Year. He won the contest for Ireland a second time in 1987 with Hold Me Now, and he penned 1992's winning song Why Me? (which was performed by Linda Martin). He also wrote 1984's runner up Terminal 3, which was also performed by Linda Martin. Logan's success has led some fans to refer to him as "Mister Eurovision".

Outside of the Eurovision song contest, Logan has had mixed success in his career, with several highs and a few lows. He has released sixteen albums with mostly modest success, although he seems to have done reasonably well in Scandinavia. His Eurovision-winning songs have reached the top of the charts in several countries, while the other singles he has released have received a much less enthusiastic response. In recent years, he was embroiled in a minor controversy of allegedly disparaging remarks he made about fellow Irish Eurovision winners Jedward (although in Logan's defense, Jedward are ridiculous), but he claims he was misquoted by the media. Logan apparently rarely gives interviews these days on the grounds that the media misquotes him so often that he simply wants to avoid the resulting headaches.

Logan has an official website named Johnny Logan. He can also be found on Facebook.

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