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Musical Artist - Five Year Mission

Andy, Noah, Chris, Angela, Mike, and P.J.
Five Year Mission is an Indianapolis based band devoted to Star Trek, specifically the original series. Consisting of Noah Butler, Andy Fark, P.J. O'Connor, Mike Rittenhouse, and Chris Spurgin, the band's overarching project is to write and record a song for every one of the episodes of the original Trek, including a song for the unreleased pilot The Cage.

I've been to see them eight times, once at InConJunction in 2011, twice at Gen Con in 2013, twice at Gen Con in 2014, once at Starbase Indy in 2014, and two more times at Gen Con in 2015. The redhead has seen them with me every time, as well as several more times, plus she is good friends with Savannah, who is now married to P.J. They have released three CDs, covering the episodes up through The Immunity Syndrome, as well as another album consisting of songs written in tribute to the episode Spock's Brain. They have also released an EP containing six different songs about the Trouble with Tribbles episode and their musical tribute honoring George Takei's birthday.

The band maintains a website at, a Facebook fan page, and you can follow them on Twitter.

Musical Monday Selections:

11/30/15: Arena
02/29/16: Beam Down
08/03/15: The Cage
11/16/15: The Changeling
09/21/15: Charlie X
08/17/15: City on the Edge of Forever
07/13/15: (For His Head Is Hollow and I Have Touched) Spock's Brain
04/23/12: Happy Birthday George Takei
09/07/15: I, Mudd
08/24/15: Miri
11/09/15: Mirror, Mirror
02/01/16: Shore Leave
04/20/15: Spock's Dog
09/09/13: The Trouble With Tribbles (Andy Fark)
08/26/13: The Trouble With Tribbles (Mike Rittenhouse)
11/21/15: Wolf in the Fold

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