Tuesday, February 3, 1970

International Fantasy Award Winners for Best Non-Fiction Book

The International Fantasy Award was initially given in two categories, Best Fiction Book, and Best Non-Fiction Book. Of the two, the award for Best Non-Fiction Book proved to be less durable, and it was only bestowed for the first three years of the award's existence. Sadly, the Best Fiction Book award only lasted through three additional voting cycles before the entire award was discontinued.

This was actually quite a forward looking award - the Hugo and Nebula Awards wouldn't start honoring nonfiction books related to the genre for a couple more decades. When one considers that the space race was just getting underway when this award was put into mothballs, and no similar award was put in its place until well after it was over, one can only wonder what books had an impact on the popular mind of the time, but have been consigned to undeserved obscurity by the lack of a method of honoring them.

1951: The Conquest of Space by Willy Ley and Chesley Bonestell
1952: The Exploration of Space by Arthur C. Clarke
1953: Lands Beyond by Willy Ley and L. Sprague de Camp

What Are the International Fantasy Awards?

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